Easy, Economical, and Effective Advertising – Facebook Ads

Sample Facebook AdAs a marketer, would you like to have access to over 500 million people at their homes, on their Smartphones and possibly even at their workplace?  Facebook advertising is an “easy, economical and effective” way to increase interest in your online presence.  (Calderón, 2010)  Setting up a Facebook page is free and organizations, whether for-profit or not-for-profit, are using Facebook advertisements to draw traffic to their Facebook pages and/or websites. 

The following are just a few examples of how organizations are using Facebook advertising from Internet Strategies Group:

  • Nonprofits, annual giving and develop offices are promoting annual giving and capital campaign opportunities and results,
  • Colleges are reaching prospective students and their parents,
  • B2C companies are reaching a new customer base,
  • Human Resources are advertising new positions , and
  • B2B companies are building their brands and expanding relationships.

Facebook advertising offers access to hundreds of millions of people while simultaneously allowing marketers to tailor the advertising campaign according to country, state/province, city, demographics, likes, interests, key words and more.  (To learn more about Facebook Ad best practices, click here.)

Creating advertisements on Facebook involves a three-step process that allows you to customize the design of the advertisement, target the population you want to see the ad, and then designate your budget and preferences for scheduling and paying for the campaign.  To learn more about setting up a Facebook ad, the Facebook Ad Primer has additional details and offers a step-by-step guide. 

Dennis Yu (2010) described Facebook advertising as “playing to all points in the conversion funnel” and as a tool that allows you to separate out your message by conversion path.  Drawing up on the Awareness, Interest Desire, Action funnel the following graphic illustrates how Facebook allows marketers to access potential customers at various points.  (Yu, 2010) 

Facebook Ad FunnelSo, what can marketers do to maximize advertising on Facebook?  According to All Facebook, (2010) recounting Weekly World News’ ten-fold expansion of fans in four days, follow these simple rules:

  • Ask users to like you,
  • Send them to your Facebook page,
  • Create an incentive like page,
  • Do not send users to your wall (rather to your incentivized Like page),
  • Rotate your ads daily,
  • Separate into test and production campaigns, and
  • Send updates regularly to fans. 

The key to successful Facebook advertising involves always drawing up on your business objectives and  “being relevant and putting yourself in the shoes of the “liker.”  (Kelsey, 2010)   Whether you are advertising on Facebook for the startup of a new Goodwill store in South Portland – which resulted in over 900 fans, 2,776 visitors to their Facebook page and a successful opening – or building a campaign around a specific product, Facebook advertising may be a valuable asset to your overall marketing campaign.  To explore for yourself, go to http://www.facebook.com/advertising/.  Please watch for upcoming posts expanding on this topic.

What types of products would you advertise on Facebook?  Do you have a Facebook advertising story to share?


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